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Controlled Goods Program

As a business or organization that deals with “controlled goods”, your Managed Service Provider or IT support company needs to be registered under the Controlled Goods Program. In order to provide any controlled goods IT support, which would or might give them access to anything considered a controlled good.  

Why does an MSP needto be registered under the controlled goods program? The simple answer here is that you are dealing with sensitive data that if delivered into the wrong hands could do serious harm to the company and or Canada in general. This is why all of Maverick Gardner’s employees are registered under the controlled goods program and have passed rigorous background checks. Maverick Gardner as a company is also registered under the CGP and abides to all of its rules and regulations.  

So just what are controlled goods?

  • goods, including components and technology (for example, blueprints and technical specifications in paper or electronic format), with strategic significance or national security implications, regardless of where they are manufactured 

  • goods, regardless of where they are manufactured, that are manufactured from technical data originating from the United States and are controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, as amended from time to time 

In Conclusion

 Your managed service provider should be registered with the CGP prior to dealing with any controlled goods. If you are unsure ask to see the controlled goods certificate which should be registered in the company’s name. Alternatively you may also use the Government Of Canada’s website link here to search for individuals or organizations in the controlled goods program.