Welcome to Maverick Gardner! Our team is dedicated to delivering the most effective and efficient IT services to our clients. While our core services are comprehensive, they are by no means exhaustive. Each member of our team brings their own unique skill set, allowing us to customize premium and specialized services tailored to your specific business needs. Trust us as your trusted IT service provider.

MSP Solutions

We create a customized package to include the many elements of IT management


Remote Machine Management
We’ll proactively manage and monitor your IT Operations. 8×5, 8×7, 24×7 – whatever you need.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your business critical data integrity is maintained and available at a moment’s notice.

Web Hosting

Host your website with us – highly competitive rates. Hosted in Canada.

Software as a Service

Industry leading software like Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more…

Project Management

We’re experienced in managing IT projects of any scale.


Our custom eCommerce store provides an easy solution for procurement.



Proactive End-Point Protection powered by ESET.


On-Demand Helpdesk to support your business when you need it most.
8×5, 8×7, 24×7



We’re here to guide you with ever facet of your business’ IT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the onboarding process?

Onboarding can vary from one organization to another, but typically this is the process once an agreement has been established.

1. Establish Timeline: review the requirements of the organization and align deliverables based on their impact on the end users.

2. Hardware Audit: deploy network scanning tools to collect all desktops, laptops, network devices, printers, A/V devices, etc. If the organization has a work-from-home, or hybrid workforce, collect information about those end-users/devices.

3. Software Audit: identify any specific software, services, solutions that are used by the organization. This can include Cloud Services like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Accounting software like QuickBooks Online/Desktop, Engineering software like AutoCAD or SolidWorks, Design/Creative software like Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

4. Deploy:

– Remote Machine Management (RMM) agent on all Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices.

– Network devices will be configured using Simple Network Management Protocol (SMNP).

– Deploy Managed Detection and Response (MDR) agent, Privilege Access Management (PAM), and MSP toolset.

– Connect

5. Enforce Update and Patching policies

Helpdesk Availability and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

– Our helpdesk is available 24×7 to ensure the operational success of our customers.

– Issues can be escalated to our helpdesk by telephone, email, and mobile app.

– Tickets and issues are assigned priority based on the impact, severity, and scope of the issue.

What is your pricing structure?

– Our pricing for Managed Services is per user/endpoint, connected network and infrastructure hardware, and cloud services. The helpdesk is charged per-incident or all-inclusive – based on the needs of the customer.

– Our pricing for Co-Managed Services is based on per-hour requirement, project scope, and technical requirements/proficiencies.

What services do you offer?

We have three (3) primary offerings.

– Managed Services for SMBs

– Proactive Remote Machine Monitoring

– Automatic Patching, Updates, and 3rd Party Software Management

– Managed Detection & Response

– Cloud Management

– Backup & Restoration

– Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

– 24×7 Helpdesk

– Value Added Resale (VARs)

– 24×7 Security Operation Centre (SOC) and System Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)

– Advanced Email Security, Managed DNS,

– SaaS Licensing

– Co-Managed Services for Large-Enterprise Customers

– Staff Augmentation

– Project Management

– Consultation

– Value Added Resale (VARs)

– Security Audits & Compliance

– Penetration Testing

– Policies & Procedures

– Compliance Frameworks

– Audit Preparedness

How do you ensure the security of our data?

– Comprehensive security Policies, Procedures, and Compliance frameworks built around industry-standard regulations.

– Access controls and mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

– Advanced Encryption for data at rest and in transit

– Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

– Business Continuity, Data Backup, and Disaster Recovery

– Advanced Email Security (Spam Filtering, Anti-Phishing, Data Encryption, Sandboxing, Secure Email Gateway (SEG), Email Data Protection (EDP), and Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES), and Business Email Compromise (BEC) protection)

– Zero-Trust Framework

– 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and System Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) monitors all activity across endpoints, network devices, and cloud services.

– Incident Response Policies

How do you handle data backup and disaster recovery?

– We recommend at the very least each customer has a daily backup of business-critical data. By leveraging a 3-2-1 backup rule, each customer should have 3 separate copies of their data, 2 of which are local/onsite in different mediums (e.g. hard drive(s), separate external drive or network attached storage, or flash media), and 1 offsite copy in the cloud or external facility.

– Each backup is monitored to ensure all data is captured effectively.

– Frequency, retention, and testing are tailored to meet the requirements of our customers.

– Backups can be done by per-endpoint, per-storage device, and per-cloud service.