What Is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

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What Is Cyber Security Awareness Training? 

What Is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Cyber security awareness training is a way to educate your workforce about the various cyber threats, how to spot them, and the steps they need to take in order to mitigate risk.  Your employees or end-users represent the weakest link and vulnerability within a network. Thus, having a proper education framework is critical to maintaining your business’s cyber security.

So just what types of cyber security awareness training exist? This question can be broken down into computer- based training (CBT) and in-person training.


Computer Based Training

Interactive computer-based training (CBT) is a popular choice for many businesses. This is because it delivers a comprehensive program that a user can use to gain knowledge about cyber security and awareness. Some examples of devices that it can be used on are laptops, computers, tablets , and smartphones. Once downloaded a person can learn using interactive games designed by companies such as Kaspersky, ESET, or many others. 

In-Person Training

Although CBT is effective sometimes in-person training is also a valuable tool to increase cyber resilience. Often an instructor from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or  IT department will present various ways to mitigate risk. They may also involve the audience in games and may conclude with a written test. The topics and cyber threats they often cover will be highlighted below.   

Threat Topics 

Social Engineering: occurs when someone uses authority, or an engaging story to gain access to information such as passwords.

Malware: Is software that is developed and used for malicious intent. Some examples of Malware are rootkits, viruses, spyware, worms trojan horses, and more. 

Ransomware: Is another cyber treat carried out on the user’s computer system. This type of malware encrypts the user’s data and holds it ransom until a fee is paid. Often even if paid the data will not be released, depending on the situation. 

Phishing: Is a form of social engineering where the sender attempts to trick users into clicking a specific link and or filling out a fake form in order to gain user information. 

Spear Phishing: Is a more direct form of phishing where the sender crafts an email or link to a specific person. This form of phishing is often more convincing as it is more direct and well thought out. 

Vishing: Similarly to phishing, vishing involves contacting individuals in order to divulge information. But this version of social engineering uses landlines or cell phones in order to trick users into giving credit card numbers and sensitive information. 

Smishing: Smishing uses cellphones or landlines to text a user and try to trick a person into releasing information. 


Benefits Of Cyber Security Awareness Training

Create Awareness: With human error playing into 95% of all data breaches it is no surprise that trained employees are the key to better security. Providing regular and proper training will help employees recognize threats and proactively respond when an issue is found.

Threat Reduction: When employees are properly trained, they are more aware of the etiquette surrounding the various technologies in the workplace. Whether they are on social media, email, or websites, they will understand when a threat surfaces and be able to react accordingly.

Prevent Downtime: If your network is breached you could be looking at a minimum of one day to restore regular business operations, depending on the damage dealt.  In addition, a breach can also be extremely costly to businesses, etc. in Canada the average breach costs $6.75 million for businesses.  If your employees have had proper training the risks are considerably lower.

In Conclusion

As can be inferred from the information above, cyber awareness training is critical for almost all businesses in order to prepare for an event such as a breach. At Maverick Gardner we provide security awareness training modules created by ESET. If you feel like your employees could benefit from more knowledge feel free to contact us or compare our plans to see how our security solutions can benefit you.