4 Tips To Improve IT At Home

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Tips And Tricks | 0 comments

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4 Tips To Improve IT At Home



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Less than 10% of businesses back up their data each day

In this article we are going to talk about 4 Tips To Improve IT At Home. With 84.1% of Canadians having a personal computer, it’s no wonder there are so many viruses and hackers trying to gain access to your personal files. Nearly every household relies on technology for their day- to-day experience. In order for it to work properly, you need dependable security services and basic knowledge to help prevent a digital catastrophe. Here are some tips that will help make your home IT experience not so terrifying!  

Backup Your Data

First, having a data backup in today’s climate is absolutely essential for protecting your personal files. Whether you are storing your data in the cloud or on-site using an external hard drive or server. Make sure you have a copy of your data to prevent losing it forever.

Use Anti Virus

With 6000 Virus’s being created every month, its no wonder you should look towards a Anti Virus solution to protect your devices. With the damaging effects ranging from an increased pop-up rate to a complete computer takeover, make sure your devices are protected. At Maverick Gardner we recommend ESET, as it provides a robust solution for both at home and for businesses.


Update Hardware And Software Regularly

In addition to antivirus your hardware and software should be regularly updated to prevent unwanted downtime. By keeping these systems updated you are ensuring you have the latest defense against threats. Having these systems updated will also prevent errors caused by some programs/hardware not being able to interact properly due to old drivers/software.

Use/Turn On Your FireWall

A Fire Wall provides protection against outside cyber attackers by shielding your computer or network from malicious or unnecessary network traffic. Firewalls can also prevent malicious software from accessing a computer or network via the internet. Make sure you are utilizing your firewall by making sure it is turned ON.


In Conclusion

IT doesn’t have to be a nightmare as long as some reasonable steps are made. The more steps you take to increase your IT Security, the safer your data will be.  Through, data backups, antivirus protection, updating software and hardware regularly and using your firewall you will be more protected. If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation about your companies data then feel free to call 647-484-6045 or [email protected].